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Pre, Perinatal and Postpartum Massage

Pregnancy Therapeutic Massage

Pregnancy is a time of euphoria and joy and a time period of emotional fluctuations and anxiety.  Your body and your entire life is changing.  A regular pregnancy massage throughout your pregnancy and after your delivery will assist in decreasing stress, body aches, lower back pain and excess fluid in your legs.  Let a certified pregnancy massage therapist assist you during this changing time so you can have more quality sleep, exercise effortlessly and enjoy the months of bringing a new life to this world.  We also use a pregnancy pillow with a huge cutout hole in the abdomen area so you'll be extra comfortable during your massage.  And we also offer massages after your delivery for you and your partner to adjust to those sleepless first few months.  Schedule your appointment today and let us help you fully enjoy this exciting period in your life.