Life Essence Wellness Center, LLc.
Let us heal and Let us build.




Life Essence Wellness Center, LLC. is the first of it's kind luxurious, therapeutic wellness center offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Lypossage, Yoni Steaming, Pregnancy and Integrative Massage and Integrative Nutrition (Plant-based) Coaching..  Please book all appointments online at:

I have collected an extensive menu of Integrative bodywork, BBL and Lipo recovery, women's health with health coaching to assist YOU, my sister to de-stress, release tense muscles, contour your body with optimal female health and vitality.

As a  highly diversified licensed massage therapist, certified holistic health coach, certified lypossage practitioner and certified manual lymphatic drainage ,  I am  elated to bring your vision of somatic care to life. 

We as women take care of everyone else! NOW, is the time to take care of ourselves first.....THEN go home and take care of our family, friends and associates.  I believe in the motto of feel good, look good..NOT look good, feel good.  If your health is failing, it's challenging to LOOK good.  Let me help you feel good through professional therapeutic alternative modalities and me YOU will LOOK good.  All of this in a luxurious, modern salon suites and a safe, comfortable environment.

  Yes, I do massage men...but ONLY after you, my sister-friend have taken care of yourself...FIRST!  I'm helping YOU...MAKE YOU a PRIORITY!  AND only for $89 for a full hour.  Let us begin!  Let us heal and Let us BUILD!