Life Essence Wellness Center, LLc.
Let us heal and Let us build.

Your Massage Therapist for Life

Peace and Greetings,

Welcome to Life Essence Massage, LLC.  Your owner, massage therapist and integrative nutrition coach , Terri L. Williams, B.S., A.O.S., LMT is a graduate of Howard University and 2003 graduate of The Swedish Institute in New York City, the oldest, continuously operating massage therapy institution in the country. She is licensed by the state of Maryland and Nationally.  She brings fourteen years of experience and offers several types of massage therapy. Terri is a firm believer in the body's ability to heal itself with the assistance of alternative medicine, herbs, whole food nutrients, and exercise.  She supports individuals in achieving their  life balance through wellness care.  

She has trained in many forms of Eastern and Western massage techniques including energy medicine techniques (shiatsu, Tuina and QiGong).  Releasing pain in the neck, back and shoulders are her specialty.  She 

incorporates this multitude of advanced training to met your bodywork needs.  

Terri not only immensely values what she does, but lives the lifestyle too!  A vegetarian for 16 years, yogi enthusiast and overall metaphysical individual, she believes what we put in and on our bodies facilitates it's slow aging and agility or it's 's rapid decline.  So starting the day with a green smoothie, followed by a trip to the gym and ending with meditation and a cup of chai is the norm for her.  Described as the nurturing, calm one, she faithfully strives to maintain maat (balance) in her life to bring that same peacefulness to each and every client.

So, when you're ready for a relaxing Swedish massage with warm scented towels on your back or a stretching, deep pressure massage....she has GOT you.  Now, let's be well and thrive!

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