Life Essence Wellness Center, LLc.
Let us heal and Let us build.


"Terri is an excellent massage therapist!!  Before my service, I am usually tight, tense and stressed; however, after Terri works her magic, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  Terri definitely has gifted hands".

Fran H.

"I have been having Terri do massages for me for approximately over a year.  Prior to Terri, I had never experienced a massage.  As I was a bit tentative and not fully comfortable about having a massage, I found Terri to be very professional and she quickly put me at ease.  Terri is an excellent masseuse and she does wonders at getting out the kinks and tension that I tend to experience".

Erica B.

I have been to many different massage therapists due to having back issues for 16 years and 2 surgeries.  When I first met Terri after my second surgery, I told her that I was prone to scar tissue and I was hoping she could work on that as well as muscular issues my second surgery left me with.  She not only took care of what I asked for, she found other muscular tightness that I didn't know was there until she worked it out and made me feel better.  She always finds tightness that I otherwise would have overlooked.  Most other massage therapists overlooked these things for years.  I have referred her to other people and they also felt she was the best they had.  I am not sure how much pain I would be in if it weren't for her.  She genuinely cares about helping others feel less pain and has helped myself and everyone that I have referred.

Kristin S.

Dr. Terri, as we call her, has an uncanny knack for locating our areas of tightness, trigger points and various aches. Her knowledge of deep tissue massage, allow her to gradually release these affected areas without causing pain or discomfort.  Terri's technique quickly puts us at ease, for a therapeutic, yet relaxing session.  We highly recommend her!

Al & Jane L.